The Tide

As if emerging from the waves, The Tide features frothy layers of English Tulle in a dreamy A-line silhouette.

The soft sweetheart bodice caresses the skin with silk, with subtle corsetry lines that sculpt the waist, ensuring a flattering fit.

What truly sets The Tide apart is its bodice adorned with hand-sewn pearls, reminiscent of pearls scattered by the sea.

With detachable sleeves that float pearls softly off the shoulder for an ultra-romantic look.

Detachable draped tulle off-shoulder straps with pearls.

Can be styled with a straight tulle shoulder band.

Interspersed layers of soft tulle and organza.

Double crepe lining.

Hand sewn scattered pearl bodice.

Soft corsetry lines feature in the bodice.

Zip opening.

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