Why It's Important To Have An Engagement Photoshoot

You might think that organising an engagement photoshoot is all in the name of a beautiful keepsake, but there’s alot more to it than that.

We asked two of Australia’s most trusted wedding photographers; Scott Surplice (@scottsurplicephotography) and Justin Aaron (@justinaaronweddings) to explain why an engagement, or “pre wedding” photoshoot is always a great idea.

“I love it when my couples want to have an engagement shoot because they’ll ultimately end up being more relaxed on the wedding day and will get better photos because of it.Think of it like practice before the big match. Perfect for the camera shy to see that it’s a totally different experience to what you might have thought and that it can be one of the more enjoyable experiences on the wedding day rather than something you might be dreading.” - Scott Surplice

“Your wedding day can sometimes (not always) be rushed, an engagement session will prepare you for what to expect with your portraits at your wedding, leaving the guess work out, typically you will get over any nerves or awkwardness much quicker. It is also a fantastic opportunity to get to know your photographer before the wedding day. You will see how your photographers works, you will see how they make those beautiful photographs that you fell in love with, the reason you booked them in the first place. “ - Justin Aaron

So, what can you expect from the shoot?

“You can expect to see how your photographer operates and get a taste of what you’re in for on the wedding day. The difference being that the engagement shoot will not have strict time parameters, you can wear whatever you like, and you can get a little bit more adventurous. I like to go exploring with my couples and go somewhere different to where their wedding is going to be. It might be an awesome location that I know of or somewhere special to the couple.” - Scott

“I approach these sessions with as little direction as possible, while still giving enough hints so as to help you feel comfortable. I am interested in capturing that ‘something’ that is honest between two people. “ - Justin

How can you make sure you and your partner look comfortable and natural?

“Wear clothes that aren’t only comfortable but that aren’t too colourful or patterned, focus on tones, guys should almost always wear pants, board shorts are a no (unless of course you are surfing), but above all this, you should dress to feel as much like yourself as possible. Also, this is a couples portrait session and while I don’t like to make them mushy or cheesy, you should be ready to get some proper hang time with your love, be ready to hug, hold hands, kiss, snuggle, say fun positive things to each other. “ - Justin

“Alcohol! No, I’m kidding… just relax and be yourself. Your photographer will be doing their best to make sure you look good. Don’t over think it and just go with the flow.” - Scott

To book Aaron or Scott for your wedding, find Justin here: justinaaron.com.au and Scott here: scottsurplice.com.au

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