The One Collection

‘The One’ Collection embodies that single moment before the bride takes her first step down the aisle. A moment that only a bride knows all too well. Holding a very special place in Moira's heart

The One Collection is the first collection designed since Moira's own wedding in April 2017. The rush of excitement, the tingling feeling of anticipation and the breathtaking amount of love inspired the look and feel of The One Collection. 

Moved by the experience of her own wedding Moira explains ‘The overwhelming mix of emotions you feel walking down the aisle are gone in a moment but stay with you forever.'

The collection embodies what it means to be a woman and highlights her femininity with soft silhouettes, translucent blush tones and fallen straps. Female icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly have inspired Moira to include 60s style necklines, shimmering lace, fitted skirts and bold, ornate lace details. 

The collection has been designed with movement in mind. Hidden details that are revealed as the bride walks or turns and using layers and texture to bring the gowns to life. The contrast of feminine shapes with bold lace, strong features and modern classics make for an empowering array of dresses. 

Getting married is such a defining moment in a woman's life. It makes you look to the past and appreciate what led to this moment and at the same time turning to the future with excitement for what is to come.

This collection uniquely combines the timeless, classic feel of a wedding gown with the modern, individual touches defining of a Moira Hughes design.

It is the small and carefully thought out details that elevate it to one of Moira's most bold and elegant collections. Including the use of exclusive laces and tulle from Paris and Italy and selecting only the finest beads and pearls from Europe.

Each gown is made individually for each bride showing off everything that makes her unique, feminine and ready to shine in her own moment.

Thank you so much to the amazing team that helped us to capture The One Collection. 

Photo: Alli Oughtred
Model: Monika Clarke
Make Up: Sonia Allen
Hair: Petr Vacker
Shoes: The White Collection
Jewellery: Samantha Wills
Rings: Grew & Co
Styling: Love Find Co
Flowers: Jardine Botanic
Venue: Sydney Living Museum