The Best of Bridal Hair for all Hair Types

It's the same old saying, you always want what you can't have. If you've got blue eyes, you want brown, if you've got a big bust, you want a smaller bust, if you got short hair, you want long hair. Some things we can change but some things we can't and we just have to work with what we've got. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, we just need to know how. 

We've asked some of the best in business to give us their tips, advice and secrets on creating the perfect bridal hair. No matter what you've got to work with. 

Short Hair

Brides with short hair have many options of how to wear their hair on the big day. 

Firstly make sure you have a plan with your hairdresser. Whether its growing your style out a few centimeters or enhacing the colour to add textures and shine. Work on this to get your hair in tip top shape and stye proof. Don't follow the trend of not having a haircut from the moment the wedding date is set. Healthy looked after hair means a shiny workable style.

So here are my top tips for brides working with short hair. 

  • If your hair is around ear length you could add loose braids to take it off your face or soft twists to add texture.
  • If your hair is above your ears then finger waves are classic and glamourous or try brushed out loose curls to add volume. Straight on any length always looks beautiful and edgy. The best style for you is what makes you feel most comfortable and what suits you and the theme of your day.
  • Don't be afraid to talk about hair extensions either! There are many pros that use them to help curls last or to add length or colour.
  • Accessories are a brides best friend. Stunning clips and brooches to me are the cherry on top. If you decide to wear your hair more simple and elegant then this is the perfect way to add statement and dress your hair. You should always bring your veil to the trial to make sure it pins in easily and you feel comfortable on your wedding day. The more decisions you make beforehand will create a smooth, calm and stress free day so you can enjoy it! 

Elly Hanson


The "Down Do"

Your wedding look should emphasise your natural beauty. Call me old fashion but to me a bride to be symbolises purity and virginity. 

Your wedding is not the best time to experiment with looks. You want to feel comfortable and beautiful. In saying this I highly advise for trial to eliminate any posible surprises on such an emotional day. It help the artist understand how you see colours and what the style of your wedding is going to be. Remember the wedding day is about you not about embracing the ideas of your makeup or hair artist. 

Popular trends I've noticed this season are boho braids, beach or classical waves to soft romantic buns. There's something for everyone. 

Here are my tips for brides wanting their hair down on their wedding day.

  • It is always better in photos to have at least one side of your hair secured so it doesn't fall over your face too much when you're moving or eating. 
  • If you decide on waves remember the longer the hair is set in the pin curl the better it lasts so allow enough time for preparation. 
  • Colour and shape (cut) is everything. If your hair healthy and looked after your stylist will have the perfect canvas to create the lush cascading hair you desire. 

Petr Vacker


The Braid

  • Braiding can used to add detailing to the back or the front of hair. Especially crown braiding which are a great visual for the front of the hair. 
  • Only use braiding if it suits your dress or style of wedding. You don't want to have a princess dress with braids as they are clashing styles.
  • Using hair extensions or hair pieces are great for fine hair or not a lot of hair. It can help to add volume and thickness to a braid.
  • Great way to give a modern bohemian look for half up half down.
  • Always have a trial to test out what suits you as not all braids suit everyone. 
  • Always ask the advice of your stylist what style would suit them best for the day.
  • Modern waterfall braids combined with a normal braid or fish braid is a great look that creates detail but still letting the hair fall for a half up down style.

Sarah Johnson


The Up Do

  • Chose a wedding hair style that is timeless, nothing harsh or dated.
  • A textured updo can look great with a flowing gown or a structured dress…it will soften your completed wedding style which is what you want on your wedding day.
  • If you always wear your hair down and decide you want to wear it up for your wedding day then a few weeks or even months leading up to the wedding begin to wear your hair up so you aren’t totally shocked with a hair up experience on a day when looking and feeling like your beautiful self is of the upmost importance.
  • Get yourself an AMAZING hair stylist. 
  • With that stylist you should defniatley have a bridal hair consultation/trail in preparation for the big day.
  • A great hair stylist will prep your hair for the big day. If your desired style includes short wispy layers around the face, a hair cut will be needed if your hair is all the one length.
  • They will also advise you on the the correct products so your hair is at its all time peak of health to look sensational for the big day.
  • When going to a trail bring a “back up style” in case the one you desire happens to not suit you.
  • Bring photos of people who have similar hair to yourself e.g. cut, colour and style, to the trail.

Casey Gore

Thank you to Elly, Petr, Sarah and Casey for giving our brides some incredible tips and advice on how to prepare and wear their hair on the big day.