What do the top make-up artists in Australia all agree on?

Everything You Need To Know - Finding The Perfect

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Sonia Allen At Work

Sonia Allen At Work

Planning the perfect wedding and making all the right choices can be a hard task! Let us talk you guide you through some of the tricky ones with over 100 years of combined experience from all over the world.

  Here we interviewed the best and most experienced make-up artists in Australia to find out all the do’s and don’ts of wedding day make up.

  You have found venue, wedding gown and photographer - you made it (yay!) but before you pour a glass of wine and hang up your veil- see what Sydneys top make-up artists have to say about the perfect wedding day beauty!

Liv Lundelius Sydney Make-Up Artist

Liv Lundelius Sydney Make-Up Artist

First thing’s first - How do I choose a bridal make up artist ?

Well they all agree that research is important! Liv Lundelius insists you check the artists previous brides and editorial work and ‘choose and artist that reflects your style.’ Jes O’Brien agrees- ‘make sure you see real life brides and not studio retouched shots’ and ask around, personal experiences can speak volumes!


Once I have an artist how do I decide on my wedding day look?

Sonia Allen suggests you don’t stray too far from how your fiancé, friends and family are used to seeing you and ‘avoid red lips for the ceremony so that you can safely kiss your husband!’ You can always change a lip colour from the ceremony to reception.


Megan Vaughan Gives Her Top Make Up Tips

Megan Vaughan Gives Her Top Make Up Tips

What is your signature look?

Artists and designers have a certain ascetic to their work and it seems make-up artists are no different! Megan has a very ‘Victoria Secrets’ style to her makeup which tends to attract boho, classic and vintage brides, and a lot of ladies that don’t wear a lot of makeup in general. Liv agrees that a subtle, natural make up with flawless, radiant skin is key and can be tailored to suit the personality of a bride. 


Speaking of Personality…

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but weddings are often stressful occasions with time constraints and a million things happening at once. You don’t want to spend a morning with someone who is loud and boisterous if that doesn’t suit your personality advises Megan. Finding a make-up artist with a calming influence is something all these artists feel strongly about, Sonia insists it is important to find someone who ‘really listens’ to your ideas and suggestions. ‘A good make up artist should touch base with you after the trial to get your feedback.’


Tell us more about make-up Trials, what should we expect?

It seems up to two trials is quite common and expect to book a good artist about a year in advance, with the first trial about eight weeks before the big day. Hot Tip: have your make up trial before a night out and see how the make up stays as the night goes on.


Jes O'Brien Gives Us The Hot Tips Of Professional Make-Up

Jes O'Brien Gives Us The Hot Tips Of Professional Make-Up

Should I bring pictures?

Yes yes yes, always bring pictures if you can.’ Jes suggests all makeup artists are visual creative people. A picture speaks a thousand words - also your definition of a smokey eye, compared to the next bride can be completely different. Pictures help clarify these details. All the top make-up artists we spoke to agreed that pictures of different features or choosing a celebrity who's look closely matches your own is a great idea.


Any common mistakes brides make?

The biggest one seems to be too much make up! A good artist can achieve a polished look with a light hand on the brush. Concentrating on one feature to enhance and avoiding any big statement colours that can date quickly. The best make-up artist will steer you clear of these sticking points!


Any other pieces of advice for a bride looking to perfect her wedding day make-up?


Liv Lundelius - Stay yourself and enhance your features and natural beauty.


Sonia Allen - Make a playlist and crack the champagne.  It is girl time at its best!


Megan Vaughan- Consider investing in a shellac mani & pedi for the wedding day to avoid

painting nails on the morning of the wedding which can lead to smudged and chipped nails.  It is perfect for special occasions and will ensure you all have perfect hands and feet for the wedding day and the honeymoon too.


Jes O'Brien - Choosing one feature to concentrate on is a lovely way to find balance in your makeup for daytime, and can build into night.



With endless experience in bridal make up from all around the world and working for some of the best known names in the industry, these ladies know their stuff! If you want to know more or book in for a day of pampering, their details are listed below:


Liv Lundelius

0450 388 857



Sonia Allen

0429 206 880



Megan Vaughan

0421 610 150



Jes O’Brien 

0450 306 525