How To Find Your Wedding Dress - Ten Tips You Need To Know!

Top 10 Tips for choosing a wedding dress


how to find a wedding dress moira hughes

1) Do Your Research. To get the most out of your experience just visit the boutiques that really

jump out at you. Trying on every dress in Sydney is exhausting and wastes valuable time you

could spend sipping back wine with the girls. Your bridesmaids will thank you for it!


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2) Feel Good! Wear make-up, wear Spanxs, bring shoes - whatever makes you feel good!

It is a common misconception that you can’t wear make-up when trying on a gown, if it

makes you feel good then go for it!


who to bring when choosing a wedding dress

3) Come Alone. If you would prefer to visit boutiques by yourself you are not the only one!

Reality shows feature an entourage of friends and family holding score cards and creating

drama. In real life lots of brides like to come alone or with a trusted friend and make the most

of the experience.


moira hughes 10 top tips choosing a wedding dress

4) Go With It! There is a simple truth in the wedding dress world. Gowns look so different on a

hanger! You can be stunned at how a dress can look on the body. 


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5) Bring Pictures. If you have a particular idea in mind and struggle to describe ‘the look’ then

bring in pictures or save the best ones to your phone. You wont offend anyone and it can

ensure your ideas are clear.


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6) Fabric Samples. The material your dress is made from can make all the difference in how

the dress moves, draped and falls. Most boutiques will offer you a fabric sample once you

have bought the gown but dont be afraid to ask for a little swatch if it will help you in your



Moira Hughes wedding dress veil accessories

7) Veil or No Veil ? Don’t decide yet! I have so many brides struggle with the idea of whether

or not to choose a veil. Once you have your gown, save the veil decision for a later fitting. A

veil is the big bridal cherry onto of the dress and this can feel daunting in the beginning- by

the end of the planning you will have a much clearer idea on what will work for you.


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8) Back is Back! Don’t forget to look behind you, when looking for a gown we often focus on

the from, forgetting that while you take your vows, everyone else can see your back. Make

sure you turn around and get a good view!


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9) Venue Blues. A gown does not have to match your venue. The most important thing is you

feel incredible and look amazing, the venue is an afterthought - if one at all ! 


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10) Don’t stalk you gown… Once you have found the dress to take you into married life let the

magic happen. Analysing a blurry photo your friend took in the shop or saving your gown as

a screen saver will make you bored of seeing the dress. Just like you should never save your

favourite song as an alarm or ring tone. Dress No-No !