Finding the perfect wedding dress for your body type.

Sydney Wedding Gown Designer

When brides come in to our boutique in Paddington, they are keen to not only find the gown of their dreams, but to find the gown that looks perfect on them.

Every bride’s body and individual taste is unique. What’s important when finding the perfect wedding gown for you is that it not only looks like 'you', but you feel incredible in it.

Brides generally come in with an idea for a gown they would like to try on, but what we’ve found is that it’s often the ‘wild card’ dress or the gown that we know will look incredible on her individual body type that she ends up falling in love with. Having a gown you love makes you feel beautiful inside and out. 

Here are a few tips for finding the perfect wedding dress for your figure: 

1. Consult with an Expert - The first tip for finding a wedding gown that's perfect for your body shape is consulting with an expert. By having an expert there with you to help you know which silhouette will look beautiful on your figure will take the pressure off and allow you to enjoy finding your gown.

When meeting with a consultant in a bridal boutique, it’s important to feel that your consultant knows what they are talking about and that you trust their opinion. A great way to choose a boutique is to look at their reviews on Google or Facebook. This will give you a chance to hear real stories from brides who have gone before you and how their experience was.

2. Figure out which body type you are closest to. For example, petite, pear, busty, hourglass, plus, athletic. We say closest because it’s completely ok if you don’t fit into a certain category - Most don’t!

Many of the brides that visit us at our boutique in Sydney go the couture gown route so that their gown can fit every inch of their body and they feel that it really shows off all of the best features. 

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3.  Know which parts of your body you feel best about. 

We all have those bits that we would love to perhaps hide on any day, let alone our wedding, but which parts do you love? Choose the parts that you are happy about and talk to your bridal consultant so they can help you really accentuate the parts that you feel are your best. 

4. Choose the best undergarments - Not only should you choose the best under garments for your wedding day, but be sure to wear them on the day of your appointments. A small detail as which undergarments you choose can make a big difference