Everything that you need to know to be the best bridesmaid

1. Food - Of Course!

The morning of the big day make sure the bride has something to eat. She will probably be quite nervous, so it might be nice to offer her something to nibble on.

Offer something that will not stain her teeth or the dress. Maybe some strawberries, or a fruit salad.

2. Soundtrack

Put together a fun playlist of music, this will be the last time the bride will spend as a ‘Miss’. Make it memorable!

She will remember the songs with fond memories long after the wedding is over.

3. The Basics

Make sure your hands are clean when touching the brides dress.

This is especially important after you have had your nails and makeup done.

4. Smooth Operator

It is up to you to handle any issues that may arise. You are there to keep things running smoothly (and to have fun too!).

If Grandma is tired and wants to go home, call a taxi. Your bride will thank you later.

5.  Preparation is Key

If there is anything you need to know in advance, make sure you are on top of it.

Know how the bustle of the dress works, or tricks to unclipping the veil.

6. Emergency Supplies

Keep a stash of emergency supplies in your purse, such as plasters for sore feet, so everyone can keep dancing well into the night.

Baby wipes should also be a staple for your purse.

7. Dancing Queen

Have you been practicing your dance moves? Be the first on the dance floor, every bride wants their wedding to be fun!

Bonus Tip

Confirm all the vendors arrival times 2 days in advance to ensure your besties big day runs smoothly into the night!