Where are your wedding dresses made?

Each gown is individually made to order in Sydney by a highly trained specialist in each field. From the pattern creating stage to the application of lace to your gown, every aspect is crafted with love and attention.

How long do your wedding dresses take to create?

Most of our gowns are ordered a year to eight months in advance of the wedding date. This allows plenty of time for your laces and silks to arrive from Europe and the pattern to be prepared. The fitting stages happen a little later, nearer the wedding where you can usually decide on the finer details. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes!

Where are your fabrics from?

All of our fabrics are sourced with the upmost care and attention to detail. The majority of our laces and silks come from France and Italy, some are even exclusive to us. Feel free to ask at appointments if you would like further information in regards to fabrics and the choices you have.

How much do your gowns cost?

 Our gowns start from $4000. The price you are given includes all fittings as discussed, hem and bust shaping, bustle and final packaging of your gown. There are never any hidden charges to you so you can leave confident in the knowledge you are in good hands.

What is the fitting process?

The fitting process can vary depending on wedding date and gown. Once you have decided on a dress we take measurements to order fabrics and prepare patterns. We typically re-take measurements nearer the date to allow for any changes to the body in this time.

What services do you offer?

We offer two tiers of service; the first is Ready-To-Wear. This involves the gown being individually made to your size. We do allow a few amendments to the design of the dress to suit your needs as a bride. This can be anything from the shape of a neckline to straps or a change of lace.

   The second service we provide is a full custom gown. This involves your dress being fitted to every millimetre of a brides body. Not only does this provide you with an added experience but it gives you extra control over particular details. Couture fittings are most popular with brides who find it difficult to decide on every aspect of her gown. It gives you a chance to choose the major aspects such as shape and fabrics, then a little more time towards your wedding day to decide on details such as straps and fitting. Brides who have something very specific in mind in regards to neckline, bust support or do not consider themselves a standard 'dress size' usually lean towards this service.

  Throughout your appointment you will be professionally advised on flexible options available to you. 

Do you ever have sales?

Due to the nature of our brand and service we very rarely offer sales. We may sometimes have a sample sale or individual dress available so please feel free to call and inquire. 

Where are you located?

Our flagship store is located in the prestigious Paddington, Sydney Eastern suburbs.  

2C Heeley Street.

Do you have any recommended aftercare?

Our delicate fabrics and hand embellishment prefer to be treated with care. We have specialised dry cleaners to recommend who can package your gown up after the wedding in acid-free paper. Store away from sunlight and damp and your gown transforms into not only a work of art but a treasured family heirloom.

How do I tie my dress up to dance?

Your dress will have a bustle specifically designed for your gown and height. On your last visit to us we will talk you through the very simple steps to tie everything up off the floor and keep the elegant lines of the dress.

Who should I bring to appointments?

This is a very personalised question. In our years of experience we find the first appointment is enjoyed either alone or in the company of one trusted friend or relative. Choose someone who you trust to not only guide you but give you the chance to find what is right for your own needs and tastes. Don't forget you will have a specialised bridal stylist to help you on your journey! With this in mind we are happy to cater for as many friends or family you wish to bring with you and would be grateful if large parties could let us know in advance. 

What should I bring to appointments?

Nothing is vital at these appointments. We are happy to guide you through our gowns and see how you feel on the day. If there is a gown you love particularly please let us know as dresses are frequently called away on photoshoots. Sometimes brides prefer to bring their own heels for comfort but we have some on hand when needed!