Benefits of having a custom wedding gown.

There are many decisions that go into creating the wedding of your dreams and perhaps the biggest one is choosing the right dress for you.

 It is one of the first things everyone will ask you about and rarely does a bride know what she wants at all, let alone a picture. This is where the experts can point you in the right direction …


1    A custom wedding gown is made specifically for you and your figure.

Instead of a sales assistant offering you something they happen to have on a rack, a custom made gown gives you the opportunity to have something that shows off your figure, shines light on your best assets and hides any bits you prefer to - we all have them!

Not needing to have countless appointments to nip, tuck and hide alterations on a pre-made gown is worth the extra money. You will remember feeling good about the journey of seeing your gown come together piece by piece.

2. Gives you an opportunity to have something unique (and be in control!) 

 You are unique, so is your body shape and so is your wedding. So why wouldn't your gown be? This is one of the biggest reasons brides choose to have a gown made.

 There is no chance of walking down the aisle to chatter of whose dress yours looks like. It might be the only time in your whole life to wear something truly original and tailored to your desires. Weddings come with a huge amount of organising and our brides consider their gown the big treat for all the hard work. With wedding prep whirling around in your head, it’s so special to slip your wedding gown on and have that excitement bubble up again!

Even if you are working within a budget, you shouldn’t dismiss a custom gown option.
As everything is created for you, there is usually a fixed price from the beginning to include any alterations or tweaks needed.
This means there are no surprise add ons to the bill and you can rest easy knowing that you are having the gown of your dreams created for you. 


3. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that you will feel like ‘you’ on the day.

This is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Rather than going into a shop, hoping that a designer has already created your dream dress, you are able to create the gown that is uniquely for you. 

Not only will you be able to have the dress of your dreams, you will be able to feel like you on the day. This is one of the most special days of your life and you want to walk down the isle feeling like your very best self. When you look at the photos years back, you will know that you were true to who you are, and your dress embodied that. 



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