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Inspiration Behind 'The First Dance' Collection...

The First Dance is inspired by the unforgettable moments you experience as a bride. From slipping into your gown on the morning of your wedding, to walking down the aisle, your first kiss as husband and wife - and of course The First Dance. It is moments like these that you will carry for a lifetime.

At Moira Hughes we source the most elegant fabrics from Italy and France in order to create the perfect gown for each bride. We love being a significant part of your journey and are here to provide you with years of bridal fashion experience from all over the world.

Throughout this collection we have focused on soft, feminine silhouettes supported by our innovative Parisian corseting. While fabrics flow and drape on the outside, our brides body is sculpted and supported from within. We look forward to becoming part of the memories you will cherish throughout your future life.